Welcome – Haere Mai. 

My interest is in how to create and maintain harmonious, healthy and uplifting relationships in our lives, and to live lightly and in harmony within a natural setting of the New Zealand bush.

Especially close friendships and intimate relationships can create heaven or hell on earth. What makes the difference?

The basis of any relationship, however, is the internal relationship we have within ourselves. How can I integrate of all aspects of myself? How can I make peace between head and heart, feeling and thinking? How can I develop love for myself and my fellow men and women?

And then, of course, we need to attend to the relationship we have with the place where we live. How do we respect nature and the natural world around us where we are a part of?

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A draft from Mirjam, she wrote about 5 years ago:

Healthy Marriage

Deep Hygiene

The Challenge of Loving What Is


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Life at Waiora Healing Waters has changed dramatically since my beloved wife Mirjam died on 22 August 2017 after a fast moving illness.


Please look at Blog entry Life Change

Here are links to inspirational sites

You can contact me on Rumijabu@gmail.com

My thanks goes to all the many people who have helped me with this website, in particular, I remember: Trutz Pfeifenkopp, Robin Kodner, Bodhi, and Clementine Seymour

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