“Turn your face to the sun

And the shadows fall

behind you”

Maori Proverb

When I asked myself, bewildered, confused, sad and frightened, “How will I face and survive the next step in an unknown, unpredictable, unfamiliar journey that may lead to the death of my partner, the answer became: Love.

Love – in wanting to be near him every minute of the day, wanting to treat him with extra special care, kindness, thoughtfulness and affection.

Love – in sharing day by day with my closest friends the fullness of my pain.

Love – in accepting all the support they offered.

Love – in freely sharing my appreciation even of the smallest acts of kindness.

Love – in being thoughtful in my actions towards strangers in the knowledge that they may also be in pain.

Love – in thinking loving thoughts of all the nurses and doctors, although they may differ greatly in their approach to illness.

Love – in letting myself be carried and held by all the well-wishes, positive thoughts, meditations and prayers that came our way.

Love – in letting myself be nourished by the song of the cicadas and the strength of the trees in Hagley Park.

Mirjam Busch

Copyright © 4/2006 by Rumijabu | Originally published in “Partners in Dialogue” April 2006

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