1 thought on “Broadcasting Thoughts”

  1. Hi Mirjam, so much has been written about positive thinking. And even though there is a lot of truth in this, it is a bit too simplified in my opinion, and also can cause damage to people who are struggling and are traumatised etc. and who need care and kindness and therapy…instead of telling themselves to just think positive thoughts. I agree with you….and I disagree also. To make the world a better place, we have to know whats wrong with it too, not just shut our eyes to all the pollution (on all levels). You dont know positive without knowing the negative. Anyway, I am sure you know all this and you dont need to hear a long winded response.
    What I really wanted to tell you is how much I like the idea about writing on pavements….with colourful chalks. What a lovely idea, it made me smile. And I am going to do it!!!! So thanks very much.
    from Petra 🙂

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