Beloved Mirjam has peacefully passed into the spiritual world, today at 11am.

Cynthia Shakti Sending you much love Rudolf, in your grief, loss and pain on so many levels. ❤❤❤

Eden Fazel Lots of love for you both all the way from Canary Islands

Karen Humpage Dear RudolfMark and I are so saddened at the loss of Mirjam ♥ Please know we are holding you close in our hearts and sending you love, strength and healing spirits ♥ Fly free dear Mirjam. Go in love and peace ♥

Leona Wolpert Thinking of you both. So sorry for your loss of your beautiful partner. ❤

Christina Fletcher Rip beautiful Mirjam. Sending you love at this time Rudolf Jarosewitsch ❤️

Jill Baxter Travel well Mirjam. You always brought lightness and joy. I’ll never forget that flick of your skirt and giggles at Convergence. Much love and gratitude. At peace now and always. 😚

Eleanor Pinkerton Thinking of you as you experience the grief and pain of losing your bful partner.

Maree Stachel-Williamson Oh, we’re so sorry to hear this Rudolf – we only met you two once on the NMIT counselling course but you both made a big impression on us. Sending our love 

Rudolf Boelee Much strength Rudolf Jarosewitsch!

John Herrett Lots of love to you Rudolf, prayers and love..

Alison Cannell Travel well Miriam and sending much love to you Rudolf❤️🙏xxx

Yasmeen Clark Sending love to you Rudolf. May Mirjam feel enveloped in love as she makes her transition home 

Daniela Goltermann I am so sorry to hear that.
She brought light and love wherever she went. I am very grateful to have met her.
I am thinking of you 
Rudolf Jarosewitsch.
With all my love…. 😢❤️

Elizabeth McCardell My heart aches with you, my friend.

Jennifer May Peacefull journey to lovely Mirjam. And peace, love and healing to you Rudolf. Please pass on Ana and Kira the same. ❤️

Mark Humpage Kia Kaha, so much love, so much sadness

Katie Nixon Today I stood and watched the totality of the moon eclipsing the sun. It was beautiful and i can easily equate Mirjam’s beauty with this event. While I only spent a short time with her, her powerful energy (much like the eclipse) has always stayed in my memory. May her spirit find peace and your heart find solace in her memory

Stephen LeFebvre So sorry to hear Rudolf, our love and prayers are with you both. Know that we will be with everyone we have ever loved forever ………

Brenda Miller Love and prayers out to you 

Emma Darragh I am so sad for the world. Mirjam made it a better, kinder, place. Sending you thoughts and prayers Rudolf. What a privilege it was to see you two together in the beautiful space you both created.

Eden Fazel Neither you, nor the sadness in your face, nor the people of this town will live forever!
I swear in the name of the fleeting sad bubble of this beautiful river passing you by, and I swear in the name of those short happy moments that we experienced together!
That today’s sadness will also pass, in a way that only its memory will last!
All moments of your life come to you naked! Do not ever dress them in costumes made of sadness!

Lucy Cabot-Saunders Jeff and I are gutted to hear of your loss at Mirjam’s passing. Your life will never be the same without such a beautiful Soul by your side. She was very supportive of me earlier on in my (Lucy ‘s) journey which I am very grateful for. We are sitting here writing this to you and send you a reminder email you much love as you come to terms with your loss. We will be thinking of you over the next few very difficult days and coming weeks as you adjust to a different life. Much love Lucy and Jeff xo xo

Lucy Cabot-Saunders Please forgive my unhelpful ‘intuitive’ apple device which highjacked our words. I’m sure that it didn’t highjack the sentiments we were wanting to convey.. Much love from us both, Lucy xo

Linda Kavelin-Popov O Rudolf my heart goes out to you. You have been so close for so long.

Robyn Townsend Love and prayers

Anwar Jahan Please accept our heartfelt condolences!

Estelle Nguyễn noo… I feel so bad and sad to hear this new. I’m so sorry for your loss. My English is not good enough to describe my feelings and what I want to said to you but Mirjam will always in my heart! Prayers and love… ! Rest in peace Mirjam… The memories will remain forever in my heart! 😢

Osnat Ella May she rest in peace. She was very loved and that love will never be lost. I had the honour of filming your wedding. Sure you are full with long lasting memories of her beautiful being and all the help you gave other people. Sending you much love.

Jax Storey Oh Rudolf, I send you so much love and cradle you within my heart  Your Goddess flies Free now…
All my love to you dear one 

Dinah Buchanan Our hearts go out to you Rudolf – we’ll be in touch – we’d like to support you if we can. I feel so, so sad and bereft. MIrjam was such a joyful, loving light and I will always think of her with much love. Dinah & Barry xx

Kaya Singer Rudolf- my deep love to you and prayer to Mirjam. I suspect she is fine and its you who needs love right now. Let me know anything I can do for you.

Brent Skinnon So sorry to hear this Rudolph.

Erica Ruiter Happy to hear Miriam is at peace. Sad to lose such a lovely woman. Glad to have met her and fond memories of her warmth live on. Om shanti
Beth Lew Our hearts are saddened for your loss Rudolph and we are saying prayers for Miriam’s progress in the next world -the world of light and joy.

Nickei Falconer Much love to you Rudolf 

Lisa Lane

Wolfgang Fassbinder Transitiontime. Travel safe dear Mirjam. Lots of love to you Rudolf. Hugs 

Jane Forsyth Words fail me sending much love Rudolf always a place here for you if you need . Love Jane and Eoin

Natasha Gall Go well Mirjam. I would have like more time with you, you were quite a mentor. I am sure your big smile is carrying you onwards in peace

Kaye Ryan Rudolf,
The love and healing that you & dear Miriam Blessed so many hearts with will continue to ripple on for years to come.
The dedication you both demonstrated in tending the garden of your relationship has been awe-inspiring to me.
The depth of the grief that you find yourself in right now is testimony to the rich beds, beauty & lush foliage of that garden. May the power of the Love you created and shared so generously help you through Life as it is now.
You have my heart today,

Lynn Timpany Much love. So sorry for your loss Rudolf.

Dennis Valentine Love & Hugs

Jazelle Alderdice Just read your post….so very very sad, Mirijam left too soon. Kia Kaha Rudolf, your grief is as deep as your love. My tears are falling up here on the mountain in the south island as I tune into your unfathomable loss. Gutted she didn’t make it to Thailand. Many prayers and tender holding of your shattered heart.

Hoàng Kim Trần I can not believe that’s true . Wake up in tears . Missing you forever

Franziska Friese LOVE and LIGHT blessings to her departing soul and love and hugs to you Rudolf …all pain ebbs and flows ….may there be some light somewhere sometime to light up the dark space of loss…xxx

Robin Woodsford my thoughts are with you rudolf and all family at this time…. Mirjam was in my mind all morning today…may she be at peace and may we all grieve well…

Melissa Strang So sorry. She was a beautiful lady in every sense of the word xx

Mike Rafferty Mike Rafferty ….. dear Rudolf, stand strong in your grace brother. Hold that massive part of your heart that is Mirjam. Treasure this, find comfort in this.Care for yourself, go gently.with love. Mike

Nikki Berry I’m so so sorry Rudolf, all my love, Nikki

Jacqui Cotter Oh that’s so so sad Rudolf, I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤️

Rebeccah Hibbert So much love, Rudolf. Prayers for her spiritual journey and for you 

Pascale Hennessey She is at peace. I love you Mirjam, and will pray for the progress of your soul to the Abhá Kingdom. Yá-Bahá’ul-Abhá xxx

Warren Parkinson A very sad time for us all Rudolf but especially for you and her family. She was obviously much too good for this world. Now she can be one of God’s favored angels. Much love and prayers.

Azeen Tashakkor We’re so sorry to hear this Rudolf. May her soul progress in the Abha Kingdom forevermore. Prayers for her and for you. May Baha’u’llah gives you strength and patience.

Lynda Kitchingham Dear Rudolf. I am so sad for you that you have had to part from Mirjam. My love and tenderest thoughts will be with you as you try and come to terms with your devastating loss.Lynda

Gabriele Busmann Das ist so traurig- ich denke an Dich und bete für sie und dich!

Diana Moir I am so moved by this photo of beautiful Mirjam, Rudolf. Much love to you

Anja Striepke I am with the word “peaceful” XxX A candle is burning for her 

Cheri Anderson So very sorry to hear. Sending you prayers and light and lots of love. 

Tom Albrecht Mein Beileid Dir alter Freund Rudolf!

Tamika Gail Dwight-Scott Feeling for you with the death of such a beautiful soul and your soul mate. Sending love to you. Tam and Stu

Stan van Uden I’m so sad to hear your news Rudolf, sending you so much love.

Christopher Musgrave So much love around you Rudolf, and now Mirjam is all around us too… thank you for all that you gave me, together, and for being such wonderful role-models. Wishing you peace as you grieve and recover  and may you feel all our love surrounding you at this difficult time xx

Kathy L Gilbert Offering prayers for her journey. Aid and Assistance prayers for you dear Rudolf. I Arohanui 

Stan van Uden I’m so sorry to hear your news Rudolf, Sending you much love, Stan.

Benjamin Wolpert Dear Rudolf, I am thinking of you and Mirjam and sending you warm wishes on this journey.

Chantal Healy Dearest Rudolf Greg and I are very sorry to hear the news today… Cherish all the wonderful moments you have had together, they are precious memories.. We are thinking of you and if you need anything please do not hesitate. We are very much holding you in our prayers and your beloved Mirjam. With love from both of us.

Mari Trini Mitre Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.
All such things is where her essence dwells.  Farewell beloved friend 

Matthias Öri

Sophie Owston Roberts I’m so sad rudolf for your loss. I feel blessed and fortunate to have had Mirjam share with me and so many of us her healing love and strength.😢❤️

Vahid Qualls Dear Rudolf. I am really sorry to hear of your loss. Please be assured of our love, thoughts and prayers.

Christina Burki My deep condolences to you Rudolf and I am sure Mirjam is now with you only invisible for you.I am sad with you and send my warm thoughts to you.

Tracy Adams Vale Mirjam, dear and most beautiful human being. Dear Rudolf, holding you in my heart, all my love 

Mareile Stoppel Dear Rudolf
So sad and unbelievable, feeling Mirjam strongly here in Purau as we have a candle lit for her for the last days. Many rainbows surrounded us lately like a joyful greeting from afar, yet so close to heart. Be embraced dear man and held in love
Mareile and Nirdosh

Kerrylea’nMichael Sampson Travel well Mirjam. Much love to you Rudolf x

Martin van Lubeck Lieve Rudolf,
My thoughts are with you, my dear friend.
Much love,

Annekatrien Verbraak I am so sad, for her, for you, for her daughter and family, friends and for myself. She had been such a huge part of my professional life, she knew so much about me, a part of me is going as well. Thinking of you, Rudolf, of life for you without that eternal smiling beauty….

Helen Scott Dear Rudolph We are so very sorry to hear your sad news about Mirjam. We send all our love. Thinking of you and Miriam.Arohanui. Helen and Manfred

Tiamara Williams Dear Rudolf, Sending so much love. I feel such sorrow. Mirjam was a true angel in my life….truly an angel. I have always felt that the universe gifted me with her presence as part of my life journey. I was given hard tasks, but gifted an angel to light my path and hold my hand. She was with me as a pillar of light for years and years and held space for me while I learnt some of the core and most difficult lessons this life has brought to me. She gave me love when I felt unlovable and never judged me. She acknowledged me and my greatness and thankfully we were able to share our deep appreciation for one another and gratitude for knowing one another. My love flows to you and to her in her passing. xxxxx Annekatrien Verbraak My condolences to you too, Tiamara. Beautiful words

Flavia Coleman I am saddened beyond words. May she rest in peace

Thomas Head My thoughts and love are with you at this painful time. so many mixed emotions to process and come to terms with. I send you both blessings, the earth bound and the homeward bound.

Janice Joyce My deepest condolences Rudolf, I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling losing your beautiful Miriam, peace and love to you ❤️

Heidi Turner Beautiful Mirjam…so blessed to have spent time in your joyful loving gentle presence and to witness your love for each other.. deepest love for you Rudolf and family ❤

Danielle Kojic Such sad sad news. What a wonderful woman and together you were one of the most loving and inspirational couples I have had the pleasure of meeting. Much love to you Rudolf.

Rose Diamond Aah, Rudolf, sending much love to you in your grieving.

Peter Archer Dear Rudolf, I am so sorry to hear this sad sad news. I will be in touch, and if there is anything that I can do, you only have to ask. ♥️

Lynn Stevenson Rudolf, my hear felt condolences. Thinking of you.

Marlene Harrison You have our love and prayers dear friends. Marlene & Rex

Penny Brenton So sad for you Rudolph, I can only imagine your pain 🙏🏻

Steve Strang Rudolf so so sorry to hear my brother

Peter Archer Dear Rudolf, I am shocked at this sad sad news, and will be in touch shortly. You know that if there is anything I can do for you, you only have to ask.

Martin Lewis So sorry Rudolf Jarosewitsch

Tess Ward Sending love to you Rudolf. Mirjam was a beautiful soul and this must be a great loss to you. How synchronistic that she made the transition into the Light on the day of the total eclipse of the sun. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Clive Holgate Hi Rudolph thoughts of love ànd gentleness to you

Rebecca Lee Sending you much love Rudolf in your time of grieving. Mirjam’s beautiful Spirit will be soaring high no doubt – may you trust that she will never be too far away from you though xxx

Tanya Field Sending you my deepest love & prayers Rudolf. 💜👃

Herbie Mues Dear Rudolf
I’m so sorry to receive your news. I send you my heartful compassion and condolences. We will always remember Mirjams vitality, positivity und lebensbejahende Einstellung. So hard to believe! Send you lots of love Herbie and Maria

Carolyn Faye Fraser So sorry to hear this sad news Rudolf…sincere condolences.. Please feel free to ring anytime…if you so wish…I know you are surrounded by much loving support..and here finally is the quotation from Thich Nhat Hanh I promised some days ago:

Grace Dalley Oh Rudolf, I’m so sorry. I know your relationship was very powerful. Sending much love.  

Vinay Gunther Sending you love. Very very sad.

Carolyn Faye Fraser “The Art of Happiness is also the Art of Suffering Well. When we learn to acknowledge, embrace, and understand our suffering, we suffer much less :” (I will try to find the rest of this passage …it is very inspiring…Much love, Arohanui…Faye..and Family..

Holisticpulsingrocks Corinne Murray Sending love to you, kira and miriams sister thru your loss. Miriam was such a blessing in our lives and I understand that huge hole such a loved one leaves behind. At least we were blessed to have her in our lives for some time. May her gifts help you journey thru the grief of the loss of her physical presence. May her memory n spirit always be a joy to you all 🤔 xox

Carolyn Faye Fraser Sad to hear your news just now Rudolf. Sincere condolences and much love….I know you are surrouned by much loving suport up there …please feel free to ring anytime should you so wish. Here is a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh I promised…”The art of happiness is also the art of suffering well, When we learn to acknowledge, embrace, and understand our suffering, we suffer much less ” …I will try to find the rest of the text. ..i very inspiring… Arohanui, Peace…Faye and Family.

Alison Scott Loving you Rudolf. So sorry to hear this news. Much love to you Rudolf.

Monique Dobrzelak so sad to hear Rudolf. I am so sorry for your loss. I’ll chant A mi Tou Fo for her 💕

Jayashrii McFadgen Journey well beautiful

Matías Corbalán Big Big hug Rudolf! !

Kris Ericksen Big, big hugs to you ❤

Kovido Maddick Dear Rudolf, It is hard to believe. You and Mirjam are still in our hearts . Her vitality and compassion continue to emit from the beautiful picture you posted of her. Our love to you at this time Suraya and Kovido

Julia Guthrey Dear Rudolf,
Words cannot convey what a beautiful person Mirjam was. I’m so sad to know of her passing from this existence. She lives eternally in our hearts, her bright loving smile and strength will always remain as an inspiration to me. Go gentle. Warmest love,

Leslie Gold (Over the many oceans) I feel you and Mirjam have been my friends for many years…I am in disbelief that such a strong and loving light has travelled over to another realm. My heart and gentle embraces are with you Dear Rudi 🌟❤️🙏

Jennifer Teague I carry you both in my heart.

Rebecca Leaker She is/was such a unique warm hearted loveable soul. One of those people you meet and instantly feel a connection too and realise what a gem she is with her spirit sparkling in her eyes. So sorry your time together has been cut short Rudolf Jarosewitsch, what a beautiful woman to have shared your life with. Sending you lots of love and hugs and supportive space to allow whatever you need to be at this time xxxxx

Hilary Parker My love & thoughts to you at this sad time …

Claire Jobst Mein aufrichtiges Beileid Rudolf.

Yvette Audain More love and hugs! Still thinking of you all

Fiona Illingworth Such a sad time Rudolph, my thoughts are with you, and with Mirjam in her transition home. Arohanui 

Ian Gall A sad day to loose such a beautiful light …my love and goodness to you

Carrie Eames Thinking of you and Mirjam. Of the time when you guys were here, how she loved the beach and talking talking talking and how she had such a beautiful open spirit and heart. I’m so sorry for your loss. Also thinking of Mirjams daughter. ❤️

Grief struck!

Rudolf Jarosewitsch Beautiful Mirjam, the love of my life

Kaya Singer What a beautiful photo and such a wonderful life you two have had.

Jazelle Alderdice Yes she does look beautiful Rudolf! How blessed to have found each other all those years ago. Gently sitting with you, heart soft…

Katz Cowley Oh Rudolf she is so Beautiful inside and out

Cant imagine how your Heart must be feeling.
Like a cavernous void of grief and yet you will always be connected.

Erica Ruiter So beautiful

Aditya Malik lots of love, rudolf…so sorry! xxxxx

Mareile Stoppel What a beautiful gorgeous woman! Sending you so much love

Fina Bakani Fisher Awww Soo sorry for your loss…loving thoughts coming your way from all of us here at home… ♡♡♡

I have made death a messenger of joy to thee. Wherefore dost thou grieve? I made the light to shed on thee its splendor. Why dost thou veil thyself therefrom?


Ian Jones i do know why my friend, I do know

Jax Storey Dearest Rudolf, we’re here with you. I send you so much love! 🙏🏻💗

John Mander Tears and love

Lorina Harding I am so sorry for your loss, Rudolf. She was such a beautiful Soul.

Suzanne Tapper A beautiful woman inside and out. Big love to you Rudolph XXX

Lisa Tui Sending you lots of love ❤️

Anja Striepke Ich denke viel an euch und umarme euch inniglich ❤ ❤ ❤

RaeMarie Evans A very special soul, brought much happiness and wisdom to everyone xoo Hugs to you

Richard Bolstad Much love Rudolf.

Amrita Stiles I share your grief Rudolf. We are all one. We always have been and we always will be. All ways.💓

Kate Naitoro Thinking of you Rudolf, and praying. Much love.

Nickei Falconer Much love to you Rudolf and to your families ❤ xx

Violette Edwards Medina Sending our love and prayers ❤️

Chris Kavelin What heartbreak for you! It’s so hard to believe. I can see both your faces so clearly as if we last met yesterday. She was infused with kindness, compassion and encouragement. I remember her words very clearly because she spoke from a place of justice and vision. I’m so sorry for your loss Rudolf Jarosewitsch she was vividly alive, it’s so hard to believe.

Pascale Hennessey Sending love and prayers dear Rudolf xxx

Donald Pettitt 😥 and ♥️. Such a beautiful person. My heart goes out to you Rudolf.

Fiona Illingworth So sad….love from Seba and I ❤

John Dainty Love Rudolf

Katie Ayo With much love xxx

Babak Bahador In our thoughts and prayers.

Christina Fletcher Sending you much love and support at this time. ❤️

Karen Humpage Mark and I are holding you close in our hearts Rudolf. Sending you love, strength and healing spirits ♥ Beautiful Mirjam, fly free with love ♥

Zuleika Bowman I’m so sorry Rudolf xxxx

Liz Faid Mirjam was like an angel in this world. So gracious and light filled. Sending you love Rudolf and prayers for you both ❤

Wolfgang Fassbinder So sorry to hear Rudolf. My heart goes out to you. I wish you strength and love in this time of transition. Hugs 

Lucy Cabot-Saunders She is Very Beautiful Rudolf……am sending you both lots of love…..you are in my prayers and thoughts xo xo

Philip Jopson So sorry to hear this news Rudolf, we are thinking of you, Deborah and Phil x

Arielle Atman Sending so much love to you now dear Rudolf.

Olly Ohlson Our love and thoughts surround you Rudolf Jarosewitsch

Seba Illingworth My deepest Love to you brother

Peter Jackson Such a Lovely photo of a Lovely Person. Rudolf, Please accept our Heartfelt Sympathy and Condolences. I’m sure that she will be well received into The Heavenly Concourse. Much Love from Peter, Farideh & Nura

Nancy Rishworth Love and Prayers to you Rudolf

Llew Summers Very sorry to hear this Love

Pooneh Slamdien Sending you love and Prayers, Rudolf ❤️❤️

Dix Ozier Beautiful Mirjam. Thank you for all the wonderful love and inspiration

Roger Harwood So sad!
Kia kaha brother….o

Dix Ozier Celebrating now her amazing journey and your everlasting connection in each breath

Harold Kho Our deepest condolences.

Anwar Jahan So sorry to hear that your dear wife has winged her flight to the Realms beyond.
May God give you the strength to bear this physical loss

Astrid Melchers I’m so sorry Rudolf. She was such a beautiful person, so wonderful to talk to, and both of you made me feel so welcome in your home. I’ve been cherishing that memory and will continue to do so. Sending you love and strength.

Warren Parkinson In the arms of the angels.

Cheri Anderson So very beautiful, Rudolf. Sending a tender hug. 

Mari Trini Mitre Dearest Rudolf, sending comforting love and blessings for your kind kind heart. 

Urja Refalo So sorry to hear this sad news. My deepest condolences

Bele Malik Very sorry to hear, Rudolf. May you find some light in dark empty times 😦

Tess Ward Sending love to you Rudolf. Such a time of grief and loss for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mirjam’s family.

Alison Scott So sad

Fariba Riazati Oh dear Rudolf and the family. My heart dropped when i saw the message on facebook. Words are inadequate to express my condolence but we get comforted by the precious Words of God that she has abandoned this mortal life nad has winged her flight and soaring the Kingdom above. You all will be in my prayers.

Ly Nguyenduong I’m so sorry to hear this. 😟.

Janice Cantieri So sorry for your loss Rudolf!!! Hugs from america

Caroline Moosavi Dear Rudolf, I have no words to express how I feel after reading this news, I wish I could take part of your pain, I love you both very much and I know that she is watching us from the Abha Kingdom, assisting us in our endeavors to help build this spiritual civilization, I can feel her close to me, please be patient because God will help you and He is accompanying you at all times, we all are…much love dear brother.

Jen Raquel Newick Deepest love to you Rudof. Your beautiful Mirjam is at your side and always will be in our hearts. Condolences dear friend.

Evelyn Strecker I feel you Rudolf… warm hugs ❤

Kevin Mezzone Feeling for you mate, knowing the two of you for 1 weekend, the love you both shared was magical

Steffen Lindner lieber Rudolf, es tut mir so unendlich leid. Wo immer Miriam ist nun, sie wird es gut haben, weil Sie eine so wunderbare und einfühlsame Person war. Ich sende dir aus Deutschland mein zutiefst empfundenes Beileid. Ich bete für euch beide. Fühle meine zärtliche und anteilnehmende Umarmung, mein Freund!

Lynda Kitchingham Arms around you.

Jane Forsyth shared her photo

R.I.P Mirjam you brought so much joy laughter and love into others life’s .prayers for Rudolf and Family at this very sad time . Two amazing people.😢

Wilhelmina Flick: Oh Rudolph. I am so very sorry to hear that. you must be heartbroken. Thinking of you. Om mani pad me hung. Xxx

Vic Lai: Rudolf. My brother, my fiancee and I are very very sad to learn that Myriam has gone to the spiritual world. All our sympathy to you and your families. Stay strong! Life continues…

Ursula Kemper: Lieber Rudolf, die Nachricht hat mich sehr betroffen gemacht. Ich bin in Gedanken bei dir und wünsche dir von Herzen, dass du von dem Schmerz heilen kannst, auch durch die weiter fließende Verbindung zu Mirjam. Lass dich umarmen, Ursel

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