Just returned home from Hamilton with my beloved Mirjam’s remains in a small box. It still feels unreal, and my tears stream as I urge her to show up. Mirjam, where are you? I miss your cheeky smile, your quiet presence, your wisdom and beingness. It is slowly sinking in that you have moved on, especially after seeing your cold body. 
Thanks to Sim and to Nadine for organising 2 services, one in Hamilton and one in Christchurch, and thanks to Kira for organising the artistic activity that your mother wanted.
And thanks to all of you for your comments. 
Thanks to Eileen and to Jax for the photos.

Peter Jackson Well Done Rudolf. The prayers will continue ^^ [26 August]

Penny Brenton Heartbreaking 😥🙏🏻

Annekatrien Verbraak Your grief mirrors the great love between you. All the very best, Rudolf

Ina Angova What a dignified and beautiful Goodbuy for this gorgeous Woman! Our prayers are with you Rudolf and Mirjam! 🌷🌷🌷

Jill Baxter It’s so sad Rudolf. Big hugs to you. Know she is near. X

Jane Forsyth Prayers for you Rouldolf a generous soul full of love and wisdom for all. spirit always be with you Guiding You to your future with mirjams spirit by your side .

Karen Humpage ❤ ❤ ❤

Katz Cowley I’m so thinking of you Rudolf.
I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.
Im so happy you two found eachother…
The other side of that joy and depth of love and connection is the grief of letting go.
I can’t imagine how that must feel but I know there is so much to be felt and reality checks as you adjust from feeling Mirjam’s physical presence and sparkling warmth beside you, to feeling her presence in your Heart and around and within you in new ways.
I think of you both so fondly and an touched by the openness of this post and all that you have been sharing in this profoundly deep journey as Mirjam has moved on beyond her physical form.
Nothing can ever break the love and the bond between you.
My loving thoughts and prayers with you ❤

Eileen Khouw Sending big love, l am thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow X

Stan van Uden So feeling for you in your grief Rudolf. Sending you both much love. So many beautiful memories of you two and such a heart felt sense of the love between you. Big loving hugs to you, thinking of you so much. Stan.

Monique Dobrzelak I feel you and know how it feels. I pray for you both and wish I could give you a big hug 💕

Simone Hamblett Dear Rudolf. I was remembering the counselling sessions Derek and me had with both of you many years ago when you had just moved into your new house in Brighton. I remember you both enjoying your new garden and admiring the new blossoms on the trees…
With much love and heartfelt thoughts.

Katz Cowley Dont think there were many couples who *didn’t* get some support and counselling from Mirjam & Rudolf in Chch!
My partner and I at the time did too and seemed a common thread between many couples and the well trod pathway to Mirjam & Rudolf’s door for beautiful support through testy terrain ❤ ❤ ❤
Thank you both of you x

Jane Forsyth Saved many marriages

Donald Pettitt Really helped to set Frauke John and I up. We have very strong memories from those sessions.

Jane Catherine Severn so much love to you in these days and nights of sorrow, dear Rudolf… thankyou for letting us share this journey of bearing the unbearable with you. It will be so hard for a long time – do know you are not alone, even when you feel most alone. xxx

Jen Raquel Newick Dear Rudolf, your profound grief is a testement of the immense love that you shared with Mirjam, your soulmate. I hope you find some solice knowing that you will be together again in another realm. Please accept my loving thoughts and prayers. Jen 🙏

Jax Storey Oh Rudolf…it’s absolutely surreal that Mirjam is no longer here in physical form…
I cannot imagine what it’s like for you. No longer is she by your side. No longer do you make choices together nor continue to create your home…
And yet, she’s even more close…
Each time you think of Mirjam she’s closer than your breath. She is in your heart when you really stop and feel it. Mirjam is with you loving you at the deepest most profound level.
All love and blessings to you o tender one, Jax 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻
[27 August]

Kaya Singer Love.

Jan Jaap van Sluijs Dear Rudolf, we feel very sad about your loss. Just one day before Mirjam’s departure from this life, we lost our mother Iek. She was Mirjam’s godmother. This is surely no coincidence and you can be assured that Mirjam has been received with open arms bij my mother. We wish you all the strength you need.

Rudolf Jarosewitsch Thank you for this. What a beautiful picture. My condolences to you.

Fariba Riazati Dear Rudolf it is very painful to lose a loved one but as time goes it gets easier. You will continue to live with her memory. You will never forget but learn to cope with it. I recall when my dad passed away a couple of years ago, he was overseas and I was not able to go to Iran to say goodbye. I still to this day find it hard to bleieve that I wont see him again but life goes on and we live by the fun memory of our loved one. Such is life. stay strong and call her to mind she is closer to you more than before. you are in my prayers.

Nilguen Kulpe Oh, Rudolf I do know how it feels to lose a soul mate and I also know that she’ll be around you in many ways, watch your dreams! My heart goes out to you! I’m staying currently with Olaf and Veronika who are equally shocked and saddened by the news of Mirijam’s death. Many blessings, love Nuegg

Warren Parkinson Thinking of you in your grief Rudolf. Kia kaha our dear friend.

Ian Gall My thoughts are with you my friend

Arielle Atman Totally surreal. Thank you for sharing your love Rudolf x

Tracy Adams Holding you in my heart Rudolf

Olly Ohlson Kia kaha Rudolph from Theraze and I.

Tess Ward Thinking of you Rudolf. Thanks for sharing so openly. Sending you healing thoughts and hoping that the sadness and feelings of loss lessen over time with the support of friends.

Monty Engs We love you Rudolf. Your loss is our loss. Mirjam is the brightest angel in the Abah Kingdom! Prayers and fondest thoughts to you.

Tiamara Williams Dear Rudolf, I am thinking of you. I totally get the feeling of loss that you have. Deep breaths, feeling all the way to the centre. Soft hugs to you.

Kovido Maddick Dear Rudolf your Love and realness move me to tears. Thank you. It has been so hard to believe that it has happened. So sad. My thoughts and love are with you kovido

Kathy L Gilbert Prayers and loving thoughts dear Rudolf. Arohanui

Nasim Anayati Maani You’ve all been in my humble prayers daily, dear Rudolf!

Augusta Andrew Oh my goodness, we only just saw this. Our sincerest condolences, Rudolf. She was a shining spirit in life and returns to that true essence. Sending you much love and hugs.

Jax Storey





rjam Busch

August 26 at 3:12pm · Christchurch · 

Last night we celebrated you, angelic Mirjam
Though you were probably there with us in spirit form, 😇 we, one by one, spoke of you sharing memories and recording your beautiful qualities in a huge heart-shaped helium balloon. I said your heart was even bigger. 🎈
And we each placed flowers 🌺 in the winding path of sand from Penquin Street created as the mandala of your life.
At the end we took the balloon outside, formed a circle, expressed intentions and spoke a prayer from 
Rudolf sent to the beautiful loving organiser – oh dear I don’t recall her name – ( I was blessed to stand in the middle with the balloon) and then the balloon was released. Up it floated higher and higher and higher until it truly seemed to merge with the stars…
Then we carefully gathered up the mandala which was placed on silk and carried it outside as if it was your very body, Mirjam. We walked the small distance to the river next to your beloved Baha’i Centre and released it to the river. …and by the light of our torch, a baby eel was seen in the water where we released the mandala…
What a beautiful and simple ceremony it was.
You are now resting as the peace, profound love and joy you truly are, Mirjam. Namaste 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻

Birte Flatt I m touched in many ways . Namaste

Cynthia Shakti So beautiful….the tears steam as i read this post…..

Mareile Stoppel 🌈Thank you to the Bahai community for hosting this beautiful event. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to share and connect with Mirjam and her friends 🌈

Rudolf Jarosewitsch Thank you so much, Jax, for posting this. I was there in spirit, as was Mirjam (I guess).

Eileen Khouw Sounds like such a wonderful gathering. Thanks so much for coming together and honoring Mirjam

Lynda Kitchingham Sounds very beautiful and a very fitting farewell for beautiful Mirjam.

The last photo of Mirjam and myself, 31 March 2017.

Anja Striepke 🙂 [26 August]

Christina Burki So beautiful and I only can imagine how sad for you Rudolf and know she is still with you..only invisible for you.

Monica Page Beautiful ❤

Aditya Malik Much love Rudolf! 💜💜❤

Annekatrien Verbraak She looked so good! You both do

Kaye Ryan This is what real love looks like xo

Chantal Healy You are very much in our thoughts… You both look so radiant and one… forever… With much much love dearest Rudolf xx

Jane Forsyth Beautiful

Diane Boyd Golden and beautiful!

Margarete Koenning welch ein schoenes Bild von such beiden

Karen Humpage So much love ❤ ❤ ❤

Gael Thompson Aw beautiful such light and love emanating from you both , Remember Rudolf that is not gone .

Ann-Maree Rundle love

Tamika Gail Dwight-Scott Beautiful photo

Heidi Turner ❤ beautiful beautiful people x x

Robyn Townsend 🙏🏽beautiful ❤

Eileen Khouw Awwww so love this moment xxxxx

Tanya Field Such extraordinary love between you both…so touching. 👃💖

Monique Dobrzelak beautiful souls

Jen Raquel Newick Your love is radiant and defies time 🌹🌹🌹

Jane Catherine Severn thankyou Rudolf – precious to have this beautiful memento of you both and the extraordinary love you radiated together.

Flavia Coleman Love never dies

Eden Fazel [27 August]

Jill Baxter Beautiful xx

Jennifer Teague I am so sorry Rudolf. Thank you for sharing the photo, it is lovely.

Beatriz Rodriguez Servetto 💖

Katie Ayo Beautiful xxx

Jazelle Alderdice May you always have her in your heart like this. This is how I remember you both xx

Mareile Stoppel So beautiful

Warren Parkinson Love is eternal.

Steve Strang What a Beautiful photo Rudolf. Sending love and holding you in my heart brother💙

Arielle Atman Beautiful

Janice Joyce So lovely
Tracy Adams beautiful ones ❤

Jax Storey Always so loving together dear Rudolf 🙏🏻💗🙏🏻

Tess Ward Beautiful photo Rudolf. Very poignant.

Clive Holgate Beutiful

Martine Bouillir Ohhhh… ❤

Lynda Kitchingham Fabulous photo of you both. A treasure! xxx

Tiamara Williams what an absolutely beautiful picture

Robin Woodsford nice one Rudolf….

Marlene Harrison Love you both…beautiful photo

Linda Kroening Wow so beautiful

Augusta Andrew Lovely photo of you xoxox

Franziska Friese

August 28 at 8:40am · Christchurch · 

A number of friends passed over in the last 2 months …Death …what is it .. how does it feel…where does it take us….how do we honour and love it like we do life ?
This is with thanks to those who have led the way so beautifully, embracing the full compass of emotions and yet still with a focus on Joy. Thank you 
Rudolf for sharing it .

Natasha Gall Thanks for that, yes I have lost some friends too

Elisa Lanau When my beautiful grandmother died she came to say goodbye to me in a dream. I picked up her lifeless body from the sea, and then saw her spirit soul body by the sea shore. Tnx for posting Franziska…. thoughts with Rudolf.

Ann Way Beautiful Franziska! Here is my favorite poem in response:

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Franziska Friese THANK YOU 🙂

Anna Hakansson ❤❤❤

Esther Chambers No words….thanks for sharing this.

Michaela Balzarova Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Cecelia O’Brien Both lovely

Shelley Hines Blessings♡♡♡

Karoline Stevens Wow! What a beautiful poem, Franziska! 🙏


By Bishop Brent 1862-1929
(Bishop of the Philippines)

I am standing on the sea shore,
A ship at my side spreads her white
sails to the morning breeze and
starts for the blue ocean,
She is an object of beauty
and I stand and watch her
until at last she fades
on the horizon,

Then someone at my side says
“There, she has gone”
Gone where?
Gone from my sight – that is all,

She is just as large in the mast,
hull and spars as she was
when she left my side …
the diminished size and total loss
of sight is in me and not in her,
And just at that moment when
someone by my side says
“She’s gone”,
others take up the glad shout –

There she comes.”

Annekatrien Verbraak Can’t sleep, Rudolf?

Rudolf Jarosewitsch Not very well. Miss my beloved.

Yasmeen Clark Beautiful beautiful words. Thinking of you and sending hugs ❤

Jane Forsyth Thank you for sharing. Hard to comprehend.

Jax Storey So very beautiful Rudolf…both the words and the pictures. Thank you for sharing this with us. Sending you big love and comforting cuddles 💗🤗🌸

Tess Ward Beautiful words Rudolf. I know this poem and how true the words are.

Lynda Kitchingham Sending loving thoughts to you Rudolf.

Alison Scott brilliant




This is one of the last pictures of my beloved Mirjam. It was taken near Cathedral Cove at the end of March by Cynthia Shakti.

Katie Ayo What a beautiful woman she is Rudolph ❤ [28 August]

RaeMarie Evans Wow beautiful memories Rudolf xo

Janice Joyce Just beautiful ❤

Ina Angova Stunning!

Jill Baxter Aw

Cynthia Shakti Thanks Rudolf for posting this, I have such fond memories of the week I spent with Mirjam Busch and you …..I’m missing her so very much.

Heidi Turner beautiful shining light 🌟💖

Frauke John Beautiful

Warren Parkinson Lovely shot. Hard to believe that she left us so quickly.

Anita Lopp · Friends with Cynthia Shakti and 19 others

simply beautiful

Liz Faid So much life and joy in her – her photos are so beautiful ❤

Tiamara Williams beautiful

Suraya Langston gorgeous, she is in our hearts always.

Flavia Coleman Absolutely gorgeous

Lesley Alyson Campbell Such a beautiful photo ! [29 August]

Jax Storey isn’t it true, the Light always shines from Mirjam… ❤


Jillie Toogood: There are few people in my life who have truly inspired me, supported me to be all I can be, and whom I salute as being a friend, mentor and lifesaver. Mirjam made the world a better, brighter, safer place for many of us and I am very saddened to see her go. May you enjoy the next part of your journey Mirjam. With much love and gratitude to you xx


Dearest Rudolf, I think about you every day and darling Mirjam. There isn’t anything that I can say that can help. I just want you to know how much I have appreciated having both of you in my life. Mirjam shared with me on several occasions how much you meant to her and how patient you were while she came to the realisation that she loved you :o).

Whilst I cannot fully know your pain, I have cried many tears as I realise how much safer the world seemed with her in it. I have attached this video which although it was for Louise Hay, Nick suggested we could use it for any person who has passed. I found it calmed me and allowed me to connect to Mirjam. Please just delete if it is not of interest.

Sending you my heartfelt love Rudolf.

Whilst I cannot fully know your pain, I have cried many tears as I realise how much safer the world seemed with her in it. I have attached this video which although it was for Louise Hay, Nick suggested we could use it for any person who has passed. I found it calmed me and allowed me to connect to Mirjam. Please just delete if it is not of interest.

Sending you my heartfelt love Rudolf.

Astrid Melchers: Dear Rudolf, I’m just that little bit too far away but will be there in spirit. I’m thinking of my time at your place often. It’s a special place but as with most experiences in life, it’s the people that make for a special time. I enjoyed your company so much, and our conversations. It was bed, breakfast and healing that I got from you, and it was the best holiday I’d ever had. Mirjam was a wonderful person, a gem of a woman, and you two were wonderful together. I wish you strength to see a path forward for yourself. You rebuilt your life once before, now you have to do it again in some way. I’m sure she’s watching over you and is with you.

[Wednesday 23 August 2017]

Jenny May: Yesterday evening at 5.30 pm I went outside to go to dinner (still at The Haven) and I smelt frangipani overwhelmingly. I thought that it was the flowers out side but Chris and dave couldn’t smell it at all. The strong perfume stayed with me even back in my room as I went to sleep. I’m thinking that Mirjam was visiting – now that she if free of her body perhaps she wanted to visit the haven.

Hi Rudi, I have copied and shared with you this message to me from Monica she sent to me in response to the story above that I sent to you. I hope you are finding some solace and peace. We fly from qui nhon to Hanoi today.

“How beautiful Jenny
We too, and the animals have felt her presence particularly during the evening & night.
Now that she is free of her body she can visit anyone at anytime….how beautiful. Yes it is good for Rudi to be reminded of the subtle messages from her…to look for her soul will help eleviate the missingness of what was her physical state of being….she is still with him and always will be…even moreso in her soul state, and as he attunes himself to this vibration of her being he will enjoy a new level of relating with Mirjam. xo.” (Monica Page)

Kerrie Gaelen




Rudolf Jarosewitsch

August 25 at 10:16pm · 

I am saddened to hear of Mirjiam’s passing, such a wonderful, gentle soul and so full of life and I’m sorry not to be able to join the celebration of her life but please know I will be thinking of you. I can’t image how difficult the days are for you at the moment losing your life partner and soul mate. I remember how you both welcomed and embraced me to your home and the workshop I attended presented by you both. Allowing friends to hold and support you at this time and for the future is an important part of this journey. xx

Olly Ohlson Our thoughts and love are with you Rudolph. Nga mihi.

[Sunday 27/8/2017]

Hello Rudolph – and big love to you. I wanted to send you a personal message. You have been so courageous and open hearted sharing your journey and grief as Mirjam was exiting this world. It has been deeply moving for me. Mirjam lives on in the lives and hearts of the many of us who had the pleasure and insightful-ness of her counsel. She continues to be a beautiful, wise and gentle presence in my heart, as I know she is for others. I still remember so clearly when she challenged me with the question “Do your children have the right to struggle?”. It made so much impact on me that I have quoted her many times to others struggling with their children’s struggles. I imagine what it would feel like to lose my great love and every part of my being just aches and feels distraught. I can only imagine the loss you are feeling now you are faced with the reality of losing your soulmate and great love. All of this must surely be one of the greatest challenges we face – the pain of losing someone after loving them completely. You are a brave and beautiful soul, Rudolph. I am sure you will have a period of time feeling somewhat adrift as you embark on this next phase of your life. Where ever it takes you next, I wish you well – and very much love. Suzy XX

Dear Rudolf

Today I heard the very sad news that Mirjam has recently died. What a beautiful woman. You must be missing her so much Rudolf. I know that she contributed to the happiness of my family by her loving kindness to Simeon and Michaela when they stayed at your healing haven last year.  I also remember Mirjam from gestalt workshops and a couples counselling course that you both took.  She stayed in my memory as a gentle and strong woman who brought a sense of warmth and goodness into the room with her. 

Blessings and love to you and thank you for being part of a great partnership of devotion to each other that could inspire others.

Kindest regards,  Jackie  [Scott, 29 August]

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