2 September 2017

My heart goes out to all the men who have lost the love of their life, who grieve for their closest friend and companion, for their wife and their lover. It is very tough, and probably the deepest stress imaginable. Words can’t describe the agony and pain.

Rudolf Jarosewitsch Mirjam, my wife and lover. There will always be a special place in my heart for you. I mourn your loss and celebrate our eternal connection that extends beyond this physical life.

Kaye Ryan Bless you Rudolph; so beautiful that you can share your compassion for others so early in your process 

Christina Burki I am sure that your connection is still there..very strong.

Jax Storey Rudolf I could put a ‘like ‘ and a ‘heart’ here. But neither portray the right sentiment. In reality I wouldn’t have a clue of what you are experiencing. So in innocence I send you an all enveloping cuddle and endless kisses on your cheeks…knowing they are not from the one you’d love to receive them …

Paul Tottle Eternal love

Lawrence O Aotearoa (( ❤ )) your beloved’s pain has ended dear brother I hope you can find mercy for yourself as you grieve (( ❤ ))
with love and support for your process x

Ian Jones Yep

Cheri Anderson Your love will be with you always.

Karen Humpage Your loss is a pain I cannot fathom…your love for Mirjam is something I understand completely. I know if she had to do it all over again she would choose you Rudolf as I know you would choose her. Your spirits are joined and shall be forever. I belief grief is the hardest thing humans go through. Continue to reach out and express your pain and love. We all shall accompany you on this journey you must travel. Mirjam is with you as are we. {{Hugs}} and love to you my friend   

Olli Ricken ❤️

Warren Parkinson You are in our thoughts daily Rudolf and our love goes out to you at this difficult time.

Clive Holgate Just listening

Flavia Coleman Love never dies

Margarete Koenning Lieber Rudolf see fest gehalten in deinem Schmerz und deiner Trauer

Gary Cook Love and Blessings . We never forget those that we truly love. Arohanui

Alan Wilcox I am so sorry to hear this sad news of the passing o dear Miriam. A huge shock love and prayers Rudolf.

Dennis Valentine Rudolf …
What beautiful messages yr grief and pain are telling you about the depth of your love I am moved to tears of joy for the depth of love you shared and expressed for each other….. if that makes sense..
.. such a beautiful beautiful thing

Lucy Cabot-Saunders Much love to you Rudolf xo

Peter Jackson Lovely photo Rudolf, Lovely memories

Richard Stewart Thank you Rudolf. I was so sad to learn of Miriam’s death. Kia kaha and much love and strength to you.

I never knew that grieving could hurt so much. I feel a dull pressure in my chest. Mirjam, my love, I miss you so much!

Elizabeth McCardell Yes, grief hurts to the core of one’s being.

Jazelle Alderdice Nothing can prepare you Rudolf! Feeling for you…..

Petra Zirke lots of love to you Rudolf from me and some other members of the chigung community.

Shirley Hurrell Only those of us who have experienced that level of grief, understand …..

Eleanor Pinkerton Yes the pain is very real. Sending healing chi your way!

Monica Page Like waves in the ocean…the physical missingness will come and go. Gradually as you adjust, you will remember she is right next to you. You are loved by so many Rudolf Jarosewitsch all holding your hand.

Christopher Musgrave Amen
Lots of love to you 

Estelle Nguyễn We miss her too…

Jillie Toogood Love to you Rudolph. Beautiful photo.

Dix Ozier Standing with you, my friend

Mari Trini Mitre I’m so sorry Rudolf… My heart is still aching too.   Much love and harmony.

Christina Burki Love to you Rudolf.I only can imagine and know she is still close to you..invisible.

Erica Ruiter Big permanent hug.
The pain is understandable for the life lost.
The challenge is in time time time realising there is no separation.

Warren Parkinson Kia kaha Rudolf.

Erica Ruiter Love the photo.x

Diane Boyd Its a pain like no other!

Nilguen Kulpe Yes, it’s an enormous pain to loose your beloved through death and unimaginable that ‘ this too will pass one day…’ my heart is with yours Rudolf, love Nilguen

Lynda Kitchingham Rudolf. My heart aches every time I think of you. I’m so sorry you’ve lost that fabulous woman Mirjam!

Margarete Koenning Lieber Rudolf ich denke view andich halte rich Liebevoll in deiner Trauer

Kovido Maddick Thinking of you Rudolf . All our love Kovido and Suraya

Tess Ward Beautiful photo Rudolf. Jan and I are still thinking of you having just driven away from your place a few hours ago. Kia Kaha. Love Tess and Jan x

Jen Raquel Newick I think of you daily Rudolf. Im holding you in my heart place 

Wolfgang Fassbinder big hugs to you Rudolf 

Rebecca Lee Sending you love in this space of deep grief Rudolf 

Alison Cannell Sending love Rudolf❤️xx

Annekatrien Verbraak So sorry you have to go through such a pain. Very brave of you to share it and reach out. I see here that it seems that your call is heard. I hope you feel that as slightly soothing your huge grief.

Eden Fazel Feeling your pain. Will travelling for 2-3 months possibly ease this transition?

Monique Dobrzelak I am with you 

Rose Diamond Thinking of you Rudolf, feeling with you, much love to your grieving heart.

Katz Cowley I can’t imagine how you must be feeling Rudolf.
The other side of the blessing of a deep union is the grieving for the loss of your beloved through all the ‘thicks a thins’ of relating.
My heart joins others to be with you and circle around you on your grieving journey.
I know that cant replace what you have lost but we are holding you through this deep transformational passage 

Rudolf Jarosewitsch Thank you. It all helps.

Cynthia Shakti I think grief is one of the hardest feelings to bear, be genle with yourself Rudof and remember to continue to reach out to everything that will nuture abd norish you. Much love, courage and hugs to you xox

Danielle Kojic Such a beautiful photo. Lots of love to you

Cheri Anderson Sending so many comforting hugs 

Ali Watersong Sending you much love and care Rudolf Jarosewitsch

Ali Watersong ❤️❤️❤️

Tamika Gail Dwight-Scott Can’t even begin to imagine your pain Rudolf. Our heart goes out to you. Tam and stu xx

Karen Humpage ❤️ sent you a message Rudolf. Much love to you from Mark and myself ❤️

Janice Joyce I’m thinking of you Rudolph and sending love 

Penny Brenton Sending love Rudolph, great grief is the result of great love! 

Jennifer Teague I love the laughter in her eyes, I know I will always remember that.

Linda Kroening ❤

Harikirtana Heike McCahon Rudi, I am thinking of you and Mirjam often, sending prayers and love xx

Gael Thompson Yes Rudolf. Grief is such deep pain and heartache felt on so many levels , keep reaching out ,sharing your love story and take extra care of your immune system it will be severely compromised at this time .
Holisticpulsingrocks Corinne Murray oh i so remember that smile xox

Sugra Morley My condolences and blessings go with you, Rudolph

Jane Catherine Severn sending love as you continue to bear the unbearable, day by day. xx

Astrid Melchers I’m so sorry Rudolf, so so sorry. Sending you a hug…

Nguyễn Hoàng Thanh I miss her too, Rudolf please take care of yourself.

Roger Harwood REMEMBER ME….
To the living….I am gone.
To the sorrowful….I will never return
But to the happy…I am at peace.
And to the faithful. …I have never left
I cannot speak… but I can listen.
I cannot be seen… but I can be heard.
So as you stand apon a shore, gazing at the beautiful sea… Remember me.
As you look upon a flower and admire it’s simplicity. .. Remember me.
Remember me in your heart, Your thoughts. .. and your memories.
Of the times we loved…the times we cried… the times we laughed.
For if you will always think of me I will never be gone.
Author unknown
Kia kaha my friend

Kaye Ryan Keep sharing dear Rudolf, I will keep holding space for your grief as I am certain many of us intend to. I so wish I could be physically present to sit with you through some of your more difficult moments. May Mother Nature caress your cheek with the softest of breezes to remind you that you are felt, held and loved in your despair xxx

Linda Kavelin-Popov It’s a terrible hollow pressure. Sending love, dear Rudolf.

Marlene Harrison Thinking of you Rudolf and sending you our loving thoughts and prayers.

Augusta Andrew Dear Rudolf, we are thinking of you and send you our love and prayers.

Hi rudolf. I appreciate your open sharing of your feelings. It teaches many. It helps others know where you are at though far away. You are very brave. This grieving is natural and time heals. In the mean time, if you haven’t already… give the grief to god.ask for support to have the chasm filled and ask how to do the next minute. Much love.x Erica Ruiter

Suzy Erskine

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