At times, I feel like hiding in my little valley. The world then seems too big and too bad. There is still a child part in me that believes in happy endings, that believes that it is important to be truthful, that it is bad to lie and that lies can’t sustain themselves. That sooner or later the truth must emerge and the house of cards that is built on lies will collapse. But is this realistic or just an innocent boy’s dream?

We can create reality with our thoughts, so they say. I am busy creating with not much happening on a global scale, so it seems. Or is it that changes happen all the time without me noticing. Maybe there is a hidden reality. What is obvious to me is that there are many bad things happening. People stay devastated and innocent people keep dying, murdered through withheld help or through false information. If you do your research with a critical and open mind, there is no doubt about this fact.

We were told that we had to put up with various measures, like shutting down businesses, socially distancing, wearing a face mask to “flatten the curve”. This all was done, the curve of the spread of this apparent deadly virus was flattened yet we didn’t get back to normal, as it was promised. This was the first lie that fed my suspicion.

Another fear scenario was created. Nobody talked about strengthening the immune system. Medication that would lessen the symptoms and possibly heal the disease, was made unavailable and even forbidden. Now, we had to prepare for a second wave – another lie – and wait for a vaccine to solve this world wide health crisis. Was this not the real reason for this health crisis? Were the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry paramount?

The fact that its effect was soon downgraded as a flu, was conveniently ignored, no relief given. A fear creating pattern was maintained at all cost. Now, the focus was shifted from deaths to cases. Without any excess mortality or dead bodies piling up in the streets, and even hospitals not being overfilled, a questionable test was used and one of the lies told was that you can be infected and be spreading the virus while feeling well. Therefore the test was also done on healthy people. You never knew, you could be a spreader of this deadly disease.

The science is clear by now. More and more well-known scientists, doctors and lawyers have come to the fore and busted the myth that you can infect others while being healthy. Even scientists that were involved in the development of vaccines have broken their silence and spoken out. However, the dictate of the mainstream media does not allow for this truth to be widely known.

“Trust the science” was one of the catch phrases, yet whatever was called “science” that you had to trust was anything but scientific. It was a one sided belief that had been parroted over and over again, without any discussion or exploration of different theories. The conspirators keep building a narrative that becomes more and more intricate and has obviously been well planned. It seems that there are two realities, the truth and the fabricated lies that are widely spread in a huge brainwashing exercise.

These lies around a presumably deadly virus has now been going on for over a year by now, initially fueled by manipulated statistics. When no excess mortality could be proven, the tactic was changed to talking about “cases” that were apparently proven by a questionable test that was applied in a way that it had to come up with “positive” results that really were overwhelmingly “false positives”. In the meantime, everybody talked about a “pandemic” that was created into existence by manufactured data and play-acted scenarios.

To an extend that normal, feeling, sensitive people could not imagine or comprehend, vulnerable people were deliberately killed by prescribing a method that would kill people. Intubation was described as a method to give to sick people in form of ventilators. In fact this method only killed those that were subjected to this method.

I am reminded of the tree that fell in the middle of the forest and that came down with a thumb. When nobody was there to hear the tree fall, did it indeed fall? Did it make an impact, or might as well nothing has happened? Is reality only true when it has been observed? Does the observer give it its meaning? How many observers are needed? When can something be considered true and proven?

The rigidity of the media and governments throughout the world can lead to desperation. I feel with the freedom fighters that try hard to not give up hope for a better future than one in tyranny and overwhelming control, where a minority rules over the majority. The minority that buys the media can dictate their narrative. And if this is the only one that is being told, this then seems true, no matter how false it has been in the first place.

The enthusiasm with which I used to share my findings and passed on information that was not widely available, assuming it must be of interest to the people I thought of, constantly racing time to get it away before it would be censored and disappeared into the dark recesses of the internet. Even the fact that information gets censored, still seems not to wake up people. What happened to the “freedom of speech”?

When the American Frontline Doctors came out and announced their overwhelming positive results with a known and approved medication, in my naivety, I thought that this spook had come to an end, assuming that everybody wanted to find a solution for this “problem” that gripped the whole world. Little did I know that the range of deception was going deeper. Researches were constructed and published in the medical literature to show the dangers of this particular medication. The fact that these were false and had to be retracted was not widely publicized. By now, nobody who was awake could deny that we had been lied to. Maybe it was not about a virus in the first place.

I had taken basic human rights, like the right to voice your opinion, for granted, as I grew up in a western democracy. I am aghast at the fact that this disappears more and more. Only a particular version of reality is allowed. Whatever does not fit this predominant paradigm and narrative gets censored, is either suppressed or punished. Several doctors have lost their jobs, when they chose their conscience over the prescribed interpretation. Priests have been imprisoned for the fact that they held mass for their congregation. Has the world gone mad?

We have been fed statements like, only trust the information that you receive from the government as the “single source of truth”, all else was false and misleading. It is reminiscent of a dictatorship. It also ties in with incessant propaganda. When you hear a certain message over and over again, it edges its way into the subconscious mind. It goes beyond the questioning rational mind. This is how advertising works. It is applied in advertising and also been called marketing, to make it less obvious that in fact it is propaganda.

It becomes embedded into our brains as an unquestionable reality. It becomes a fact that you are not to doubt if you want to belong to the human family. In this way, Covid had become a fact, even though until now, nobody has isolated the virus, that is supposed to be very dangerous and even deadly. No excess mortality has been found. Approved medication that has shown to cure the symptoms have been banned and falsely labelled as dangerous. So much so, that unheard restrictions in personal liberties and freedom have been administered and more or less accepted.

Yet it could be a big hoax, the biggest deception ever.

This is ironic, in our time of maximum information being freely available. So it seems, when you can use the internet and search anything. You don’t have to go to a library to search for information in books that can easily be outdated by the time you do your research. However, you now can no longer trust what you find, when so easily facts can be altered to fit into the predominant narrative that has been decided by a handful of people. Others join in because of the fear that had been created, the need to belong. If you have your own opinion, you are in danger of being denounced as a “conspiracy theorist”.

A questioning mind no longer is encouraged.

The trance that has obviously gripped the world has been compared with the rigid belief structure of a religious sect. Any rationality has been lost. People behave as if they were sheep or zombies, living in a false reality that is removed from any questioning reality. Absolutely no tolerance to even inquire the validity of a constructed paradigm.

Is there a pandemic? Is there a virus? Is there a danger to humanity?

In the absence of any definite proof, the only danger to humanity is the restrictions and with it the loss of basic human rights.

Once I spoke to an acquaintance and had an issue about censoring us and he replied, it was good for people to not be misinformed. Therefore he felt that censorship was justified. The trust in the government should not be undermined. Therefore, there is also an institution of “fact finders”, whose facts are very obviously biased towards the predominant paradigm, that was earlier called “following the party line”, like in a communist country.

Sometimes, I feel desperate about the level of unconsciousness, of so many people being brainwashed and unable to question things that simple don’t make sense to an inquisitive mind. What is the benefit of a “vaccine” that does not stop the spread of the disease, nor does it stop people from getting infected themselves. Maybe it softens the symptoms. However, the symptoms of a cold is the natural cleansing process. Medication that suppresses symptoms are counterproductive to healing, unless they prevent imminent death.

People have been lied to when last year it was widely asserted that things will go back to normal, after we managed to “flatten the curve” or once a vaccine has been developed and most people got vaccinated. Yet, social restrictions don’t end for people who let themselves be vaccinated, which is actually a misnomer. It is not a vaccine in the strict definition of the word, but rather an experimental drug that uses untried gen manipulation in a big medial experiment.

Vaccination doesn’t make sense, since the dangers around this experimental “Vaccine” for outweigh the assumed benefit. Also here is no honest reporting. The fact that thousands of people died soon after receiving this experimental drug, is not widely reported.

Luckily, I still trust in natural methods. What is being propagated is against nature. Manipulating DNA is playing with fire. It is the attempt to play God. When you look at it carefully, we cannot really improve with God’s plan. Everything in nature works well together, if left in peace. Problems arise if we attempt to improve things, like we can see in the case of artificial fertilizers that have contributed to the desertification of vast areas of land everywhere in the world.

In the end, it is a fight between “Good” versus “evil”.

For a long time I did not believe there was any evil, only sick and misguided people. Virginia Satir impressed me with her compassionate statement: “everything a person does makes sense in the context of their life experiences.” This means that every behaviour, as sick as it might be can be explained and understood in the wider context.

What is the truth? What is really going on behind the veil of deception? What is it that we are not being told? Or what is blatantly obvious but so outrageous that people won’t belief it. Books have been written and the wealthy elite talk about “the Great Reset”. Instead of their agenda of control and suppression of the masses, in the end, I belief, there will be the “Great Awakening”. This becomes more and more inevitable.

However, now I do believe that evil exists. And the child part of me still lives in a fairy tale world, where in the end, the good prevails over evil. Is this realistic? But then, don’t we create our own reality through our thinking. As more and more people wake up and focus their thoughts on a wonderful world where we can all live in peace and personal freedom and sanity, it is bound to come true.

Maybe it’s time to come out of hiding, claiming basic human rights as unalienable rights that are God-given and a matter of fact for all human beings.

25 August 2021

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