Ever since we have joined our lives and work in 1997, we have been examining the same questions and deepened our understanding of relationships.

Rudolf & Mirjam“How can we be true to ourselves and open for the other?”

“How can we balance togetherness and separateness?”

“How can we embrace difference, disappointment, change and loss?”

“How can we heal childhood wounds and overcome reactive patterns?”

“How can we turn everyday difficulties into opportunities for growth?”

“How can we live in mutually empowering conscious partnership?”

Our reflections can be followed in our articles that date back to 1994.

Our learning has been inspired and enriched by numerous authors, workshop experiences, personal experience by living together in conscious partnership, and our work with numerous couples, families, individuals and groups.

Lot 8 - view upstreamDestiny and faith has brought us to our land on the Coromande peninsula. In a pioneering fashion, with perseverance and patience, we planted trees, created gardens and built a home, as we settled here after the Christchurch earthquakes in February 2011.

We found the opportunity to combine our loves for landscaping, gardening, growing food and healthy living with our wish to be of service by offering our counselling skills.

Your inquiry is welcome as we love to be of help, in person, retreats, in workshops or through electronic media.

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