Mirjam (3 November 1960 – 22 August 2017)

MirjamKia Ora and Welcome.

Over the past 25 years, I have supported individuals, couples and families as a counsellor/therapist. I have taught counselling students at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology) and have been a visiting trainer at several Gestalt Institutes in Australia. My work includes being a supervisor of counsellors in community organisations, and since 1997, I have also worked with my husband Rudolf as a couple therapist. I am a member of NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors) and receive regular supervision for my professional development.

My heart-felt desire is to accompany you gently and effectively on your personal growth journey. I can help you to discern the gifts in your tests, discover and celebrate your strength, build confidence and trust in the process of life, connect more fully and deeply with your own heart, and gain insight and understanding into core-issues that need your attention. Apart from supporting your individual personal growth journey, I also like to help you as a couple to navigate more skilfully and mindfully through the many challenges an intimate committed relationship requires.

Over the course of my life, through a diverse range of experiences as a counsellor, counselling client, spouse, family member, mother, and community member, and through study in the field of human development, I have come to view my work as a counsellor in the following light:

I see the body, mind and soul in an interactive relationship. Our emotional, mental, social and spiritual health, affect the state of our physical health and vice versa.

Healing is a process of creating unity (balance, harmony, peace) in all aspects of life: personal, interpersonal, communal and environmental.

Love is the force of unity. We all want to love and be loved, and all need to learn the art of loving.

I would like to offer my knowledge, skills and experience as a counsellor and as a body-centred psychotherapist working with the emerging fields of energy medicine and science of belief.

Over the years, I have learned that most of our troubling behaviours are habitual and guided by unconscious beliefs and/or trapped emotions.

Through my study in the field of body-mind connection, I have discovered and practiced skills and processes to help you clear trapped emotions and replace limiting beliefs with life-affirming ones. As I have seen great results in myself, my family, my friends and my clients, I would like to pass those on.

As a Virtue-Project facilitator, I pay attention to recognizing and affirming virtues and talents that you have been given. I also help you to recognize which virtues you may be able to draw from or are invited to develop in response to difficult situations.

In my work, I draw from a diverse range of modalities I have trained in, from many inspirational authors, my own personal experience, from clients and students, from spiritual insights and from my Faith.

I look forward to meeting you and sincerely hope that I can be of true support to you and your relationships.

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