Our aim is to share powerful, co-creative and effective processes, insights and skills that help individuals, couples and families to honour the spiritual beings they are, whose purpose in life is to have a life of purpose, that contributes to peace, love and justice in the world.

z1205a 329Our approach is based on ongoing learning in the fields of counselling and therapy and active membership in professional organisations (NZAC – New Zealand Association of Counsellors, GANZ – Gestalt Australia New Zealand).

Our comprehensive wholistic approach is inspired by a multitude of new findings in the field of mind-body connection. Amongst others, the biology of belief, mindfulness meditation and insights from neuroscience have influenced us in our understanding that we work best when our head, heart and gut work together:

=> Integrate your head, heart and gut

=> Strengthen your intuitive abilities and make wiser decisions.

Our approach is …

– Based on the science of belief:

=> Understand how your unconscious beliefs determine your behavioural and biological reality

=> Learn ways to access your unconscious mind to change limiting beliefs to life-supporting ones

– Based on universal, multi-cultural spiritual insights:

=> Empower you and your family to live by your highest values, sourced in the virtues which are the common elements of spirituality, found in all sacred traditions

=> Learn the simple strategies to bring more peace and kindness into your home.

– Based on a language of compassion:

=> Improve the flow of communication needed to exchange information and resolve differences peacefully

=> Identify your feelings and underlying needs and express them in an honest and respectful manner

– Based on the science of energy (Emotional energy can be trapped in your body and cause physical and emotional pain):

=> Release old emotional baggage from the past in a non-traumatic, safe and simple manner

=> Free up your ability to give and receive love

– Based on Gestalt Therapy:

=> Slow down into awareness and present-centredness to allow for choiceful change

– Based on our personal profound insights into relationship dynamics that we have gained from being a couple ourselves, working with couples and teaching couple therapy to students since 1997:

=> Discover how you are not the cause but the trigger of each other’s pain

=> Learn to heal and grow with each other through turning difficulties into stepping stones for mutual growth

=> Cultivate daily practices to help you deepen your communication, connection and love

Counselling & Supervision

Couples Retreat

Eco Retreat



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