I still am available for E-therapy or online counselling.

This means that I can work with you wherever you are. We can connect through the telephone and electronic media.

Here are some facts about e-therapy which you may like to know:

It works. Reports from the field indicate that e-therapy with a trained professional is almost always helpful.
It’s convenient. In e-therapy, you decide when, where, how, and how much you participate. You are in control!
It’s fast. Instead of waiting weeks, or longer, for an appointment, you typically get email responses same day or you can have an online session with an appointment.
It’s private. Our live or email session are as private as you want to make it, potentially more private than face to face psychotherapy.
It’s accessible. If you have access to internet or telephone, you have access to e-therapy, wherever you are.

E-therapy is not a universal substitute for face-to-face psychotherapy. Rather, it is an alternative therapeutic process that can help some  people with some types of issues.

You can book a session by contacting me on rumijabu@gmail.com or through sevenvalleys.net

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